Teeth-Whitening Wonder

Revolutionary Science in the Palm of our Hands

   The food and drinks we consume everyday have a very harsh effect on the appearance of our teeth. Most, if not all, of us must have noticed that they are staining them. Recently, white teeth have become more and more favorable among the masses.  People are looking at the quickest teeth-whitening methods to achieve these results. The High-School Science Club  decided to perform an experiment by staining shells, because they have the same composition of our teeth; with different staining agents such as coffee, tea, and soda. After a week of staining, we tested some of the most common teeth-whitening techniques, both natural and chemical, to see which ones have the most effective impact on removing these stains. Studies of previous whitening experiments led to the conclusion that using bleach or products that contain hydrogen peroxide were the most effective methods. We took some of the most popular toothpastes (Signal, Closeup, Colgate) containing small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, and some of the most prevalent natural remedies (bananas, baking soda and lemon).

   We experimented to find the strongest stainer and the overall best mechanism to remove those stains. In our results, we were able to conclude that tea was the strongest stainer, unless washed directly after consuming. Natural remedies also removed almost all the stains. However, Signal was the toothpaste that made the greatest change. With the cumulative data we acquired, the same experiment will be conducted on human teeth to see if they yield the same result.

Written By : Roba El-Zibaoui
Contributions : Ahd Abdelhadi, Yara Sami


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