Learning About Community Helpers

A Sneak Peek into the Real World…

Kindergarteners all over the globe learn about community helpers. There’s nothing novel about that. But the KG 1 teachers hit upon a novel idea to drive the point about these useful helpers home. Students were treated to a live, hands-on experience when they met real, live, flesh-and-blood community helpers right here in the school! Their teachers had invited a doctor, a chef, a janitor, and a technology person to the foyer, and they talked to the students about what they do. For the students, it was like these people had stepped out of their books and come to life just to teach them a thing or two about their careers. Not only that, these kids even got to try their little hands at some of the jobs: They decorated cupcakes with cream and sprinkles, they even went to the carpentry shop in the school where they hammered nails in wood and saw different types of machinery the carpenter uses to make things. The awe and wonder this encounter inspired in these young minds made it all seem worth the effort! This real-world experience gave these now-enlightened students a deeper understanding of the jobs these people do, while also instilling in them a sense of dignity and equality of labor. Talk about novel!

Shaista Ashraf (Lang. Arts, Grade 4)

With inputs from Ms. Srilatha Reddy of KG 1


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