KG Graduation

Grade 1, Here We Come!

There couldn’t have been a better way to honor the kindergarteners as they get ready to step foot into the bigger and more responsible world. The KG graduation day was such a momentous occasion for our kindergarteners, it made them all feel grown up, mature, delighted, and also emotional and nostalgic, all at the same time. Not just the students, the teachers as well as families were all a mixed bag of emotions. This was that one day that they had been waiting for for weeks. This was one day that would mark the kids’ transition into the grown up world. This was one day that would turn the tables – a few months ago, these kids had separation anxiety; today, it was the teachers who were feeling the pangs of separation anxiety. Having been a part of the kids’ lives for ten months, and having made the kids a special part of their own lives, it was now time to let go. But with the largesse that only a kindergarten teacher can be blessed with, they put their emotions aside and let go in style. The graduation parade of these 86 graduates of this year was a magnificent affair. Clad in their blue graduation robes, these proud graduates even had graduation speeches ready! They impressed everybody with their childish eloquence when they shared with the audience everything they had learned this year, and how they had grown in different ways. The impressive ceremony was compered by Inaya Faraz and Fathima Shoaib, who were impeccable in their running of the show. There was also a very well-coordinated musical performance that added to the celebratory feel. All in all, these little graduates who are on the threshold of the exciting and all-grown-up world of Grade 1, convinced everyone present at the ceremony that they were capable of being the world-class citizens that the school intends them to be – Equipped to carry the world on their still-evolving but able shoulders. Way to go, KG 2 graduates of ISG Dammam! You are the future!

-Shaista Ashraf (LA, Grade 4)


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