Grade 4 Farewell Party

So Long, Farewell, It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

The occasion was almost akin to Neil Armstrong’s famous “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” It may be an annual feature for elementary school, but for each fourth grade batch that graduates to Middle School, it IS definitely a giant leap! It was time to say goodbye to this spirited batch of fourth graders, as they grow wings and take on the challenges of Middle School. Elementary School organized a farewell party for them, where they took on the reins of the show, putting their best foot forward as they let their hair down and just partied away. They danced to carefree abandon, organizing performances and games, and generally having a whale of a time. Some of them relived some memories from their life and times at Elementary School, of how they have grown in various ways, their ups and downs, and shared their hopes for their future at Middle School. Nostalgic as the kids were, the excitement in the air was palpable as they just can’t wait to step foot into Middle School. Amnah Aldabagh  aptly summed up her feelings when she wrote this:  

“That fast? School is already ending? It feels like only 5 weeks ago we started school. One second I was crying in the first day of grade 4, and the next second it’s the last day of school? I see Mrs. Ashraf sticking posters on the wall, I blink, and now we’re removing them? Thank you, Rana for helping me stop talking like MS each day, Layla for inviting me over each week, Yasmin for talking about that one time you came over, Fatima for pushing me, Jana for giving me pop rocks, Ismail, Basem, and Mahmoud for getting embarrassed about me calling you my BFFs, Ezra for saying “MAYBE” each time I ask you a question, and Zachary for stealing my eraser. All the reasons why grade 4 rocks are endless. I love everyone and I’ll miss you guys. In grade 5, I’ll look through memories of grade 4 with no regrets. Goodbye Elementary School.”

To us teachers, each of you will always remain a special part of our lives and will always occupy an important and special place in our hearts. Remember, we both have grown in many ways this year!

S. Ashraf (LA, Grade 4)

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