Recognition day

Kudos to Our Elementary Students!

Recognition day – That time of the year that is set aside especially to acknowledge and recognize students’ accomplishments during the year. It is the day of culmination of all the hard work and a year of study. It is a day when students can finally sit back and say, “Yay, I’ve done it!” It is a day when we all gather to celebrate the successes that were 2014-15.

 It was heartening to see the beaming smiles and proud faces as each student walked up on stage to collect his or her award and certificate for outstanding academic achievement, outstanding effort in academics, or even for outstanding conduct displayed during the school year. Students who had been part of special clubs like PAL and Student Council were also given awards for their contribution. It was definitely a milestone in each of their young lives. This momentous event marked not the end of student accomplishment, but a new beginning, as each of them moves up to the next grade level and aspires higher. These young achievers had the strength to move out of their comfort zones and reach for the stars, and were rewarded. The ones who did not get an award, as our Vice-Principal Ms. Annie Mathew put it, just have to believe in themselves and stay committed. There is no way they cannot overcome barriers with dedication and commitment. If one is determined, there is nothing to hinder one’s march toward success. So, good luck Elementary students, for the next school year! May we get to see more and more of you up here on stage on Recognition Day!

S. Ashraf (LA, Grade 4)

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