The Carnival: Where Celebration meets Unity



The gift of being a Leopard has always meant pride and joy to each and every one of us from the moment we joined this school. Getting to share that pride with thousands of other students and teachers is a glorious feeling, and what better way to experience it than with a colorful, boisterous carnival! This year, the memorable event was held on February 18, and perfectly captured two of the most important themes of being a Leopard: celebration and unity. Students, parents, and guests all attended this fun fest, with excitement written all over them. Several unique clubs from all over the school worked extremely hard in making sure everyone attending the event had a fantastic time. Whether brainstorming ideas for activities, working at the booths, or even decorating balloons and colorful decorations, everyone made a massive effort and the hard work payed off. The ISG Dammam Leopards were truly united in celebration, and the pride and satisfaction in putting together and enjoying a spectacular, colorful event really shone through.

Written By : Mirna Hussein  (Media Tech Club member)
Edited by : Bana Salim (Journalism Student)


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