Aiming High in Math with MangaHigh


It’s no mystery that math is of high significance.   Because it teaches us that every problem has a solution, it’s vital to incorporate maths with technology since students are lately bound to media in every way possible. That’s where MangaHigh comes in. Like Mathletics, MangaHigh offers a wide range of games aiming to improve our math skills and the rate at which we solve the problems. The competition commenced on March 14, and ends on March 24.  Before it started, students were given usernames and passwords for logging into their MangaHigh. Once they logged in, there was no limit on what they could accomplish there. They were now free to unleash their mathematical magic into the colorful variety of games and activities on the website. Though it was only for a limited time of ten days, it was a wildly successful activity nonetheless. The students showed tremendous interest in it, devoting so much of their time to the competition to ensure our school proved itself on the online stage with a first place finish in the MangaHigh Middle East Maths Star Challenge. Congratulations to our Leopards! It’s competitions like these that bring out the best of us Leopards, as our competitive side, mixed in with our math skills, combine to bring strong results.

Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media Tech Club Member)

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