Honoring Art with the Art Exhibition

Art expresses thoughts and feelings in so many ways that words can’t. Given a paintbrush and a canvas, or even a pencil and paper,  an artist can let loose, and unleash their thoughts. And when these thoughts are brought to life, they can make something alluring, which should be honored in some way or another. That is the purpose of the Art Exhibition: to display and honor the talents of artistic students young or old, in Art classes or in painting clubs,  throughout our school. Whether the art was in the form of acrylic paintings, sculptures, or even pencil shading, the best pieces were all put up on display in the hallway at the heart of the school. Prices were placed on the art pieces, for anyone who would wish to purchase. The Art Exhibition showed that art is a greatly valued subject at our school, and also showed that when it comes to putting thoughts on canvas or paper, the only limit is your imagination.

Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media Tech Club Member)


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