Cool Happenings in the ICE Box

We have introduced a new creative learning space at Dammam Elementary called the ICE Box. ICE stands for Imagine, Create, and Explore. The purpose of the ICE Box is to provide a place where students can engage in learning experiences that allow them to build, create, and design, in order to make real-life connections to their classroom learning. As students and teachers discover that anything is possible, lessons and learning can be designed around the freedom to imagine, create and explore. The expectation is that student engagement and learning will expand exponentially, and small creative learning spaces will begin appearing in the corners of teachers classrooms and maybe even in children’s homes.

Teachers began bringing their students to the ICE Box last spring.  Since that time, students have participated in a variety of hands-on activities that enabled them to experiment with and create items such as musical instruments, models of fish, windmills, marble machines and other products of their imagination that can’t be named. These activities foster academic success by developing important skills such as creativity, problem-solving, design and innovation.

During the 2016-2017 school year, we have introduced project-based learning as a way to extend the ICE Box experience and incorporate it more fully into the classroom curriculum. For example, some of the classes culminated their Cities unit by designing an ideal city then working in the ICE Box to build the different city sites such as houses, a fire station, a school, and a park. Fourth-grade students are attending a Genius Hour class in the ICE Box where they get to explore a topic of their choice and create a project that shares their learning with an authentic audience.  

The ICE Box is becoming a favorite part of your child’s school day.

Mrs. Lorrie Cook, Digital Learning Coach


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