Fashion Show

“Fashion is art and you are the canvas.”

(This is some cliche, basic quote everybody puts their Instagram caption, but I couldn’t find a better one.)

Everyone wears clothes. Some wear their outfits for a reason, like to impress someone, to look pretty, etc., some wear them just to, you know, wear clothes. On the 21st of December, the Prom Committee ended the week by holding the annual Fashion Show. At first, honestly, I was hesitant on going there because I was afraid I would feel very insecure, but I was wrong since it was an incredibly entertaining show. There were more than 20 pairs of guys and girls strutting on the catwalk with their fascinating confidence and stunning looks. The first round was formal themed, therefore the girls went single first with their on-fleek makeup and formal dresses and the guys went after with their macho suits. Then, the pairs went to walk together arm in arm as the guys never failed to impress us with their heart-melting-gentleman act at the end of the stage. Ah, it was very heartwarming indeed. The next round was casual themed as our models dressed in casual dresses with many pairs matching their outfits. I was screaming at a very high volume trying to support and encourage all the models on stage, but they probably didn’t need it since they strolled the catwalk with just the perfect sass. I know that every human being has their insecurities, even these gorgeous models do. But that does not mean that these insecurities, which are very unnecessary, should ever have to stop you from believing that you’re beautiful the way you are.

-Yasmin Zahra (Media Tech Club).

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