Let the Magic Begin!

Educational program Grade 2

Kudos to our Grade 2 team for putting up their educational program so very successfully. We can only congratulate them for not only living up to the school name, but also far, far exceeding and surpassing all expectations.

The show was great, well-organized, and fun, and one could actually see the hard work and effort that must have gone into the costumes, the props, the direction, and the organization of the entire event. It was one great day for the entire staff, to see the culmination of their efforts on such a grand scale. Their fun theme was the Carnival, and the children could be seen enjoying themselves on stage, just like they would in a real circus or carnival!

There was grandeur in every aspect of the event – The parade of circus clowns, jugglers, muscle men, the marching band and the colorful carnival animals that captivated the audience, the play about the lion that gets lost from the circus and finds its way to a library, the circus play, the juggling acts, the acrobatics, the humorous clown antics, and the animal tricks – It was all pomp and splendor personified. The stage was indeed a riot of color! The parents who came to witness the event were enamored with how their little ones, their bundles of joy, had all transformed into little actors and actresses, into dancers par excellence. The girls dressed in all their finery, the funky upbeat song, they all captured the hearts of teachers, principals, and the audience alike.

Shaista Ashraf (LA Teacher, Grade 4)

(With Inputs from Ms. Glorie Perez of Grade 2)


“Books are our Best Friends!”

Grade 1 Educational Program

“Books are a Unique Portable Magic!” Said renowned author Stephen King.

Reading fever seems to have gripped the entire school. Kids can be seen reading even in recess! They utilize any free time to catch up on their reading! Gone are the times when the teacher would have a hard time trying to keep the early finishers busy or engaged; they now pounce on their work-in-progress reading as soon as they are done. And boy, is it heartening to see this!

The first grade teachers came up with another novel way to enhance this habit: They even themed their educational program, “Books are Our Best Friends”! The audience was treated to a visual delight with the little ones performing plays, musicals, recitals, and dancing away to their favorite lilting tunes. Peter Pan, Pied Piper, pirates, and fairies all sprang out of books and on to the stage in this thoroughly entertaining and mesmerizing show. The children brought these characters to life in a series of absolutely mind-blowing performances. One exuberant parent was heard remarking that he wondered how the teachers managed to extract so much out of these little children. It was truly amazing to see these well-trained kids take to the stage with such confidence and élan. And as for the teachers, well, their payback came in the form of pride and happiness writ large on the beaming faces of the parents that day. Some even had tears of maternal pride in their eyes… It was truly a day to remember! Hats off to the teachers and the students for the great show!

Shaista Ashraf (LA teacher, Grade 4)

Earth… We’re in it Together!

Earth day Awareness
Earth Day comes and goes each year without much ado, and we don’t really do much about it. But the second graders changed that routine this year, when they became the perfect role models for even adults to emulate! Come Earth Day (April 22nd), and these little ones undertook a Clean-Up Drive as part of their contribution towards a healthier and cleaner world.  They went out of their classrooms and picked up trash around the school campus. It was a moment that melted the hearts of many onlookers, these spirited youngsters meticulously clearing up the school grounds. And it was not just a teaching moment, it was a lifelong lesson they learned this way. They learned lessons of environment-consciousness, they learned lessons of dignity of labor, they learned lessons of compassion. It was truly a great initiative on the part of the teachers to take time out for this. They also read Earth Day articles to their students and discussed ways to help Mother Earth. One realized that these enlightened little kids can indeed come up with many enterprising and indigenous ways to help Mother Earth! The Earth is in safe hands!
-Shaista Ashraf (Grade 4 LA Teacher)

(With inputs from Ms. Glorie Perez)

Eye-Opening Learning Experience

Grade 4 Field Trip
Some people think learning is boring, and I agree. But in Scitech, they make learning exciting. Let me introduce you to my amazing experience during my field trip to Scitech. I think the teachers made a fantastic choice in Scitech for the field trip, because this is where we learn and have fun at the same time. Isn’t that awesome?!
First, we went to the science rooms, everything there was interesting, but what I liked most was the earth quake house. Its a room that looks like a house on the outside and you go inside and somebody from the outside has to press a green button constantly, & the house shakes! Its really fun. At the same time, it set us thinking about how people might be surviving and managing an earthquake experience. See how that’s learning the experience of an earthquake and having fun at the same time? Another example of this is the tornado room. The tornado room is a tube that fits one person, and you experience the tornado. See? education and entertainment!
Last, we come to the cinema, the best part in all of Scitech. I know your thinking, “Yeah, whatever, we’ve all been to cinemas before”, but hold your horses, the Scitech cinema is no ordinary cinema, NO WAY. The Scitech cinema is the best cinema in the history of the world. When we first got out of the bus, we were puzzled by the way the top of the building looked, there was a giant dome on the roof of scitech, like the ones in mosques, but when we entered the cinema, that answered all our questions. The inside of the gigantic dome was actually the screen of the cinema, so its 3D without glasses! I loved when the sharks popped up in the screen and we jumped with fear.

Because of all the running, jumping & all the excitement, we started to get hungry. We voted on KFC and McDonald’s, and McDonald’s got the most votes, so we enjoyed the burger goodness. I thought we were going to make a mess, but we didn’t, well… some of them did, but we cleaned it up. We got tired and it was time to go back to school. I always love the bus rides, they’re the most fun. We played, sang songs, ate candy, and it was really fun. We reached school and we had a full hour left, so we decided to watch a movie. We finished the movie exactly three minutes before it was 2 o’clock, so we had time to pack up. We went home, and that was the best experience in my life. You should go to Scitech too, believe me! But in our school, its a hundred times better, so go ahead and join our school, its not like any other.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GO LEOPARDS!
Amnah Aldabbagh, Grade 4B
(Reviewed by Ms. S. Ashraf, LA Teacher, Grade 4)

Arabic Language Day

A Common Language Takes Over

To celebrate language is to celebrate origin. And sometimes language is more than just words, it is meanings. That is why, in celebration of the factor that units all Arab countries of the Middle East, Arabic Language Day is annually held. On the 18th of December, students of Grade 1 and 2, supervised by our two beloved Arabic teachers: Hana Alkhayalli and Mai Hajjan, have come together to celebrate this notable day. To showcase its significance, students roamed around the school campus, telling everyone how proud they are of being Arab. They sung a beautiful song along with wearing simple crowns holding the letter ض, the most important letter in the Arabic language. At the end of the day, they signed their Arabic names on a board holding the phrase “our language is our identity”.They were joined by our Principal Mr. John Rutten, who engaged in the spirit by signing his name in Arabic aswell. Though their day might’ve been over, their celebration will never cease, for their young hearts are proud to showcase what their tongue speaks.

 – Mrs. Safaa Ebrahim

Edited and Reviewed by Mohammed Al-Bakshy (Copy Editor) and Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)

A Festival of Fall Color

Thank you all for making the Fall Festival a truly fun filled and eventful day. We’d like to thank from the bottom of our heart all the teachers, teacher assistants, volunteers and the support staff for making it happen.

 Thank you Mrs. Mathew for your guidance and continued support. We would like to acknowledge all the Fall Committee members for their cooperation, dedication, and tireless efforts.Thank you Lona, Doreen, Linda, Antonette, Usha, Neelam, Marian, Anandhi, Inba and Fely.

A special thanks to Huda and Geetha, Aarthi and her team of teacher assistants and volunteers, the fund-raising committee, Ravi and his team, and the Technology group. Also, a special mention to all the volunteers for games from the High School and the team of High school student Council members.

Big thank you to Jayanthi for updating food orders, Faye and Cristelle for photography, and to all the teachers. We appreciate every person that helped make this event fabulous!

If we didn’t work together like a swarm of bees, we would have never achieved success as sweet as honey. Thanks for an excellent job, Fall Festival Team!