Back to School!

All’s Well That Begins Well…
The corridors of ISG Dammam have finally burst to life. Happy laughter and excited voices reverberate through the hallways. The familiar pitter patter of tiny feet running to class is heartwarming. The rules, the routines, the procedures, the early mornings, they are all back. All back and set for another exciting year in the portals of this great school. A huge laurel was added to our already overcrowded hat of feathers, when we opened our brand new magnificent doors to students this August 31 and September 1, 2015.
The new campus is nothing short of breathtaking. With its huge open spaces, airy and excellently-equipped classrooms, state-of-the-art gymnasiums and auditoriums, the facility has loads to boast about. Students did find themselves a little lost on the first day, but everything was handled with utmost smoothness and finesse. The high schoolers came in a day earlier to start classes, and also to help the younger ones find their way around. All classes received a campus tour to orient them around, but it will take them a couple of days of practice to get to know this new place we shall soon begin to call our second home. It was definitely a little overwhelming for teachers, to make sure each and every student got to the right class, and to the right bus/conveyance after school as well, but the wide smiles, the happy faces, the excitement in the air all made it more than worthwhile. One thing was clear: Neither the teachers nor the  students can wait to start their academic journey in their new classrooms! Simply put, we are set for an extremely exciting year of learning in this new home of the leopards!
S. Ashraf (LA, Grade 4)

Greater Space, Greater Opportunities

Leopards in New Campus

The family of Dammam has never had a problem to make do with what they have, making the small area that encircles us the most friendly, most accepting, and most welcoming of all. However, as our students continue to grow into the talented Leopards as they are destined to be, the time has come to provide them with more appropriate facilities. The construction of the new school campus began years ago, however, the family of ISG Dammam is proud to announce that we have moved into the new building! Packing procedures have began in early May, and continued throughout the summer, in order for school to reopen on on time in the new campus. Even though the Leopards will be facing bigger and better opportunities in their new environment, they shall never forget the old habitat in which they were schooled.

Pioneering the Youngest of Leaders

NHS and NJHS Induction Ceremony, 2015

It is an honor so grand that a prestigious celebration is held annually. An honor so exquisite that only a very few are granted entry, and an honor so fulfilling that the students often feel like they have accomplished their best. Welcome to the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, where young minds transition from endless dreamers to youthful leaders. Demonstrating excelling characteristics in Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Character, and Service, a few students are selected each year to vow their loyalty to their school and their dedication towards bettering its community. Forming the new National Honor Society, these students are some of the few people who truly understand that NHS is not merely a club, but a groundbreaking impact in the school’s future. They work year-round towards a better cause, and the student body is lucky to witness it every single day. Congratulations to the 2015 NHS and NJHS Inductees; we have faith that you are only going to pioneer our school to the better. As for the previous members, your legacy surely lives on as you instruct your newest inductees in the values of the society. And as a current NHS member once mentioned, you do not join the society, you embody it. You become its values. You resonate its beliefs. You breathe its morality and you live its achievements. To be inducted is a blessing, but to embody the society remains the greatest gift of all.

-Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)

When the Leopards Speak, They Roar

27th Annual Speak Out

The absence of a voice forever defines the life of an individual. Those who cannot Stand up and Speak out lead a life of silence. The students of ISG – Dammam aspired to show the world that speaking was not only a talent, but a weapon.  Wednesday, March 18th marked the day for the annual Speak out program. Celebrating its 27th year, the ceremony presented to the audience a group of students embedded with raw talent and endless potential. These students, who underwent hours of practice, gracefully took the stage and mesmerized its crowd. Topics ran through from Women Power, Confidence, and Persistence to even Human Truth and Freedom. With so much beauty, so much faith, and so much confidence, the Leopards had taught humanity a lesson. This lesson had finally proved that words do in fact speak louder. The lesson reads: “Be a a voice, not an echo.”

-Noor Ra’fat (Speak Out Runner-up)

J’aime La France!

The French department is proud to declare the 12th of March as a very special day to all ISG-Dammam Global language devotees.  Such a day was only wonderful by the help of Mrs. Rasha Chaarawi, Mrs. Diana Breich and I, Mrs. Nadine Ghanem, as well as the support of our wonderful coordinator Mrs. Safaa Ibrahim.

In the words of the french-speaking Leopards: “Je suis petit c’est vrai mais je sais parler francais , j’aime maman – papa ma famille et mon ecole ISG aussi , ecoutez notre chanson”

“I am young, that’s true, but I can speak French. I love Mom, Dad, my family, and my school ISG as well. Listen to our song.”

We started our program by the song “Enfant de Tous Pays” – “Children from All Countries”, presented by the elementary students. This song portrayed a little message, telling everyone how it is a beautiful thing to love others.
Four groups of students in the French day exist: Music, Dance, and Games. These students compete through riddles (educational games) in French regarding the French language and culture. Students from various countries and ethnicities participated in this event solely for the purpose of learning a new yet beautiful language, “French”. It is a marvelous thing to encourage students to learn a new language such as French and we, the Global Language department, promise you with a new surprise very soon.

4th Annual Carnival

Games, prizes, face painting and more,
Hotdogs, popcorn, treats galore !
“Time spent away from family is time wasted”, that is the motto that ISG – Dammam has kept in mind while preparing for the 4th annual Carnival. The school-wide event, held on February 21st, 2015, has not only attracted the attention of kids, families, and high schoolers alike, but has also refueled the joy in our hearts after such a long and stressful semester. Seeing things such as bouncy castles, bean-bag toss, face painting , raffle draw and the marvelous photo booth aimed in bringing back the memories of previous exciting times in all our childhoods, as well as helped create refined memories for the children of the present and the generations of the future. Such a success could not have been achieved without our beloved sponsors, clubs, and not to mention volunteers whom we would like to thank enormously. Also, we would love to congratulate all the prize winners in the raffle draw that we’ve been anticipating for a long time (can’t say we don’t envy you, cause we do!). Setting the bar high was a achievement that ISG – Dammam has proudly earned year after year, and we absolutely cant wait to see how high they’d aim in the many years to come!
Special thanks to our sponsors : Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, Saudi Masterbaker LTD, Al Harthi, AlGosaibi Services, Mastoura Company, Tamimi Markets, Tamimi, Mcdonalds, KFC, Golden Tulip, and Unifruitti
Written and Edited by: Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)

Winter Break


December 19 has arrived and we have been gratefully able to survive school till the present day. This is the start of a restful and enjoyable winter break, which we’ve all been waiting for ever since the first day of school. A holiday where we celebrate winter’s annual visit and the opening of a new page is exactly what we need. It’s indeed a great opportunity to relax and savor every moment of it among our beloved ones. Winter break means gatherings, movie marathons, family and friend visits, and a chance to meet who were painfully missed. Winter break also means happiness, joy, laughter, genuine smiles, and serenity. Three weeks are ahead of us. Let’s not squander them and make something special on every single day. Let’s appreciate every moment of the termination of 2014, and to say our last goodbyes to it. Here is where we get ready for a brand new year with a brand new page; just as people always say, “a new year, a new me.” Keeping our fingers crossed, let’s close our eyes and hope 2015 is a better and blissful year.

– Ann Labib
Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)