Herculean effort by the leopards!

The leopards have always displayed outstanding skills and performances in table tennis playoffs. Sometimes a match result doesn’t reflect the intensity and the competitive match play. Unfortunately, this was reflected in the match held on 15 October 2016 at the ISG Dhahran grounds. The boys team were tough competitors in the matches against the other ISG schools. The playoffs included singles and doubles. The leopards  played with valiant effort and won some of the matches, but couldn’t win a medal in the singles, however, they  played exceptionally well winning 10 matches in the doubles.

An exuberant player Omar Hesham, who won 4 matches in the singles stated, “Even though we couldn’t attain a medal in this match, we are hoping to give our best performance in the upcoming match.” Last year’s gold medalist Omar Radwan said “This match was a competitive one. I really enjoyed playing with such talented players.”  Yousuf Balouch, a good competitor said, “The match was close and our players exhibited great efforts. I played 6 matches, won 4 and lost 2 in the singles. The doubles were good too, I won 4 but I think my performance was better in the singles. We’ll be practicing more for the forthcoming matches.”

“I think the boys were excellent. They played really well. They were tough competitors.” Dr.Natalia, counselor of High School remarked.

The matches were played in the best of spirits by all the teams. Some excellent matches resulted in some fine rallies and shot selections by our players. The playoffs highlighted that we’ve got budding players in our team who aim to improve and attain excellence.

Written by Iffa Ahmed (Media Tech Club Member)