Fashion Show

“Fashion is art and you are the canvas.”

(This is some cliche, basic quote everybody puts their Instagram caption, but I couldn’t find a better one.)

Everyone wears clothes. Some wear their outfits for a reason, like to impress someone, to look pretty, etc., some wear them just to, you know, wear clothes. On the 21st of December, the Prom Committee ended the week by holding the annual Fashion Show. At first, honestly, I was hesitant on going there because I was afraid I would feel very insecure, but I was wrong since it was an incredibly entertaining show. There were more than 20 pairs of guys and girls strutting on the catwalk with their fascinating confidence and stunning looks. The first round was formal themed, therefore the girls went single first with their on-fleek makeup and formal dresses and the guys went after with their macho suits. Then, the pairs went to walk together arm in arm as the guys never failed to impress us with their heart-melting-gentleman act at the end of the stage. Ah, it was very heartwarming indeed. The next round was casual themed as our models dressed in casual dresses with many pairs matching their outfits. I was screaming at a very high volume trying to support and encourage all the models on stage, but they probably didn’t need it since they strolled the catwalk with just the perfect sass. I know that every human being has their insecurities, even these gorgeous models do. But that does not mean that these insecurities, which are very unnecessary, should ever have to stop you from believing that you’re beautiful the way you are.

-Yasmin Zahra (Media Tech Club).

Cool Happenings in the ICE Box

We have introduced a new creative learning space at Dammam Elementary called the ICE Box. ICE stands for Imagine, Create, and Explore. The purpose of the ICE Box is to provide a place where students can engage in learning experiences that allow them to build, create, and design, in order to make real-life connections to their classroom learning. As students and teachers discover that anything is possible, lessons and learning can be designed around the freedom to imagine, create and explore. The expectation is that student engagement and learning will expand exponentially, and small creative learning spaces will begin appearing in the corners of teachers classrooms and maybe even in children’s homes.

Teachers began bringing their students to the ICE Box last spring.  Since that time, students have participated in a variety of hands-on activities that enabled them to experiment with and create items such as musical instruments, models of fish, windmills, marble machines and other products of their imagination that can’t be named. These activities foster academic success by developing important skills such as creativity, problem-solving, design and innovation.

During the 2016-2017 school year, we have introduced project-based learning as a way to extend the ICE Box experience and incorporate it more fully into the classroom curriculum. For example, some of the classes culminated their Cities unit by designing an ideal city then working in the ICE Box to build the different city sites such as houses, a fire station, a school, and a park. Fourth-grade students are attending a Genius Hour class in the ICE Box where they get to explore a topic of their choice and create a project that shares their learning with an authentic audience.  

The ICE Box is becoming a favorite part of your child’s school day.

Mrs. Lorrie Cook, Digital Learning Coach


Educational Program

Elementary School surpasses itself every year when it  organizes its outstanding educational program. This year the audience was mesmerized by both, the different themes and interesting shows of grade 2 and 3.

Believe in yourself and you will fly high. With this theme, grade 3 started their Educational Program with great speeches performed by Gr. 3 students on March, 9, 2016. They impressed the audience with inspirational words, bringing to life examples of famous people who suffered to succeed and make a difference in the world, such as: Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and many more. The program included motivational songs, inspirational poems, animal skits that showcased the theme “Never Give Up”.

One- and two-act plays where students represented different characters, and dance shows. It was a great opportunity for students to show their talent and skills to their proud parents and teachers, and to do their very best.

Students of GR.2 started the educational program on March, 3, 2016, with the theme “Around the world with Grade 2”, based on the different cultures of our community.

The audience got the chance to see informative presentations about different countries and their habits, with beautiful national dances, all of which was raised to a whole new level with the students’  traditional costume of each country.

The performance of Gr. 2 students was a display of their skills,  flexibility and intelligence, while their ability to produce excellent speeches using one language to communicate and unify all different cultures proved beyond a doubt that ISG Dammam is more than just a school; it’s one community that stands united to learn and produce the best.

See more photos of our amazing Educational Program on Flickr:


ES Sports Day


Physical Education is an important aspect of education, especially for younger children, as it is  good for their muscles and bones and makes them stronger and healthier. At ISG Dammam, PE is an integral part of the student’s’ educational journey, and the elementary department emphasizes this time and again every year during their annual Sports Day. This year, on March 10, 2016, each class had the chance to participate in more than one sports activity, like running, jumping, basketball, and many more exercises. They also competed with other classes in fun, competitive games.

Sports has great benefits, not only for the body, but also for developing the child’s brain. According to U.S researchers, “ exercise builds new brain cells in a brain region called dentate gyrus, which is linked with memory and memory loss”.  It also improves the child’s ability to learn complex things and reduce stress. Researchers show that kids who participate in organized sports learn confidence, teamwork and leadership.

The sports day was a day of fun, education, and good health, where students enjoyed their time, and learned new exercises and games which they can, in future, practice and play on their own.

Aiming High in Math with MangaHigh


It’s no mystery that math is of high significance.   Because it teaches us that every problem has a solution, it’s vital to incorporate maths with technology since students are lately bound to media in every way possible. That’s where MangaHigh comes in. Like Mathletics, MangaHigh offers a wide range of games aiming to improve our math skills and the rate at which we solve the problems. The competition commenced on March 14, and ends on March 24.  Before it started, students were given usernames and passwords for logging into their MangaHigh. Once they logged in, there was no limit on what they could accomplish there. They were now free to unleash their mathematical magic into the colorful variety of games and activities on the website. Though it was only for a limited time of ten days, it was a wildly successful activity nonetheless. The students showed tremendous interest in it, devoting so much of their time to the competition to ensure our school proved itself on the online stage with a first place finish in the MangaHigh Middle East Maths Star Challenge. Congratulations to our Leopards! It’s competitions like these that bring out the best of us Leopards, as our competitive side, mixed in with our math skills, combine to bring strong results.

Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media Tech Club Member)

The Carnival: Where Celebration meets Unity



The gift of being a Leopard has always meant pride and joy to each and every one of us from the moment we joined this school. Getting to share that pride with thousands of other students and teachers is a glorious feeling, and what better way to experience it than with a colorful, boisterous carnival! This year, the memorable event was held on February 18, and perfectly captured two of the most important themes of being a Leopard: celebration and unity. Students, parents, and guests all attended this fun fest, with excitement written all over them. Several unique clubs from all over the school worked extremely hard in making sure everyone attending the event had a fantastic time. Whether brainstorming ideas for activities, working at the booths, or even decorating balloons and colorful decorations, everyone made a massive effort and the hard work payed off. The ISG Dammam Leopards were truly united in celebration, and the pride and satisfaction in putting together and enjoying a spectacular, colorful event really shone through.

Written By : Mirna Hussein  (Media Tech Club member)
Edited by : Bana Salim (Journalism Student)

Infused Water

Infused Water is one of the latest, most-popular and most-sought after topic of interest amongst health-freaks. It is a blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in water. Numerous benefits have been reported on the web for infused water. It is claimed to be a detox-agent as well. It is also known to boost metabolism and naturally help body to release fat cells. Thus, it is used as an agent for weight loss. However, the claims on internet are not yet proved with any research results.

High School Science Club of ISG Dammam, planned to carry out this research work in school. The research study was conducted on two different age groups: 15-20 years and 40-50 years. The volunteers provided their approval for a two-week study through a consent form. Three different combinations of infused water were tested using different proportions of the ingredients which included cucumber, lemon, mint and green tea. The volunteers consumed 1.5 litres of infused water daily for two weeks. Control measurements were taken with the same amount of normal drinking water as well. Body weight and belly dimensions were measured as dependent variables.

A mean 2% of weight loss and reduction in belly dimensions was observed by the end of the study. These results reflected clearly that infused water can help in weight loss. A study for longer duration and with larger number of volunteers however, can provide statistically significant results. Surely, infused water is a healthy flavorful drink to keep our body hydrated and flush out toxins.

Study conducted by: Roba El-Zibaoui (Gr11), Nour Hachouche (Gr10), Armina Khan (Gr9), Kianaat Khan (Gr9), Kayla Aleeza (Gr9), Abeeha Abbas (Gr9) 

Supervisor: Neha Pachisia

Sing Your Heart Out!


Music helps us escape the reality we’re in, going straight to the ears and touching our hearts. And for an hour and a half on Feb. 2, we got to escape the reality we were in by attending the Music Club’s , it wasn’t only the members of the music club who got to show their talents to us, as Mrs. Sadaf also took the stage to deliver an amazing performance. Whether the performers were singing, strumming their hearts out on their guitars or even showcasing their dancing prowess, they without a doubt wowed the audience with their talents. Perhaps one of today’s performers could one day rise to fame in the music world? Maybe; it certainly is a possibility! But today’s music concert certainly showed that music is a key part of our school and something that unites us all. Where words fail, music speaks, so sing, strum, or dance your heart out! A huge shout out to the sponsor Mrs. Rasha Osma and her music club members for a rhythmic afternoon.


Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media-Tech Club member)


Middle School ECAP


MS provides ECAP that are community-driven to enrich students’ learning experiences beyond the classrooms walls.  It provides students with the opportunity to be creative and collaborative, have a sense of commitment, enjoyment and relaxation. They can choose cooking, dancing, learning Russian, sports, crafting, gardening, music, Yoga or pottery based on their interest.

ECAP (Extra Curricular Activities Program) is an interesting way for the students to discover their hobbies, building their character, knowledge and develop their communication skills.

Students enjoyed their hand made food, danced on the tune of their music, relaxed their minds and bodies with peaceful Yoga, played volleyball, basketball or soccer, made wonderful hand crafts for decoration, planted plants, and communicated with their teacher using Russian Language.

Along with the many benefits of ECAP, participation in extracurricular activities can lead to success in school and have a positive effect on the students to enhance their academic learning, with the cooperation of our outstanding staff to reach high level of standards.

Lego Competition


To bring out the best of students talents, our High School Math department decided to hold a Lego competition. This activity was held on December 2; it required students to design the best community online using the Lego builder Google tool. Each class was divided into teams . As a group, we had to display our imagination and creativity on the screen in just 45 minutes. It was a tough challenge yet with enough research, critical thinking and imagination, we were able to come up with spectacular results that  made it hard for the judges to make a decision.  Each group’s community was unique in its own way. Another  result of this experiment was our fascination towards the new perspective of technology that we explored. We were more than exhilarated with our final results. Creating a community was such a a fun experience that helped us use math in a real life situation. It was as if we were engineers making an architectural plan. Overall, the activity was an experience that the students would definitely want to participate in it again.

Written by Leena Elsabagh
Grade 9