Sing Your Heart Out!


Music helps us escape the reality we’re in, going straight to the ears and touching our hearts. And for an hour and a half on Feb. 2, we got to escape the reality we were in by attending the Music Club’s , it wasn’t only the members of the music club who got to show their talents to us, as Mrs. Sadaf also took the stage to deliver an amazing performance. Whether the performers were singing, strumming their hearts out on their guitars or even showcasing their dancing prowess, they without a doubt wowed the audience with their talents. Perhaps one of today’s performers could one day rise to fame in the music world? Maybe; it certainly is a possibility! But today’s music concert certainly showed that music is a key part of our school and something that unites us all. Where words fail, music speaks, so sing, strum, or dance your heart out! A huge shout out to the sponsor Mrs. Rasha Osma and her music club members for a rhythmic afternoon.


Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media-Tech Club member)



Middle School ECAP


MS provides ECAP that are community-driven to enrich students’ learning experiences beyond the classrooms walls.  It provides students with the opportunity to be creative and collaborative, have a sense of commitment, enjoyment and relaxation. They can choose cooking, dancing, learning Russian, sports, crafting, gardening, music, Yoga or pottery based on their interest.

ECAP (Extra Curricular Activities Program) is an interesting way for the students to discover their hobbies, building their character, knowledge and develop their communication skills.

Students enjoyed their hand made food, danced on the tune of their music, relaxed their minds and bodies with peaceful Yoga, played volleyball, basketball or soccer, made wonderful hand crafts for decoration, planted plants, and communicated with their teacher using Russian Language.

Along with the many benefits of ECAP, participation in extracurricular activities can lead to success in school and have a positive effect on the students to enhance their academic learning, with the cooperation of our outstanding staff to reach high level of standards.

Lego Competition


To bring out the best of students talents, our High School Math department decided to hold a Lego competition. This activity was held on December 2; it required students to design the best community online using the Lego builder Google tool. Each class was divided into teams . As a group, we had to display our imagination and creativity on the screen in just 45 minutes. It was a tough challenge yet with enough research, critical thinking and imagination, we were able to come up with spectacular results that  made it hard for the judges to make a decision.  Each group’s community was unique in its own way. Another  result of this experiment was our fascination towards the new perspective of technology that we explored. We were more than exhilarated with our final results. Creating a community was such a a fun experience that helped us use math in a real life situation. It was as if we were engineers making an architectural plan. Overall, the activity was an experience that the students would definitely want to participate in it again.

Written by Leena Elsabagh
Grade 9

Book Fair

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ~ Charles W. Eliot

To many people, the sight of a book is nothing special.  It’s little more than a stack of papers held together between two covers filled with a combination of twenty six letters that comprise our language. But, like many things, its commonplace appearance is deceiving.  So mystifying that it’s nearly impossible to see its life changing potential for the author and reader both.  It is a fragment of the author’s soul.  It is a tale that, as Erin Morgenstern put it, “It may take up residence in someone’s soul, become their blood and self and purpose.  That tale will move them, and drive them, and who knows what they might do because of it.”

Following the love of books, an annual convention is held in the celebration of these stories, which you must know as the Book Fair.  Once the term “Book Fair” comes into mind, one might think of tables aligned side by side with books on top of them up for sale.  I can assure you that it is not that simple.  The Book Club, along with the Librarians, plan months ahead of time for all the elements that play a major role in the extravagant event.  From deciding the theme to decorating, each aspect needs a lot of organization skills, teamwork, and time.  After much debate and consideration, we chose a galactic theme for this year, and with all our hard work and dedication, it turned out even better in reality than we could hope.


One of the major components was the decoration, which the Book Fair is well known for.  Ammar Addabbagh, the President of the Book Club efficiently divided the members into groups, and assigned work such as making a life sized astronaut model, spaceship, brainstorming ideas for fun games etc.  Ms. Sumera brilliantly made 3D models of the solar system, and hung them from the ceiling. The members were excused from most of their classes to make the decor which may sound like all fun and games, but once they got there they had a bigger workload than they ever imagined.  I, in particular, was assigned to “sparkify” the curtains by adding glitter.  It looked easy, but as soon as  my hands made contact with the bottle of glue, I knew I was in for a challenge.  Some members were in charge of the space themed canvases, which at the beginning looked horrible with all the different colors, but once blended it truly looked like a masterpiece.  Initially we decided to make a spaceship, but somewhere along the way there were some complications.  Nevertheless, we knew we could work with our problems and create something even better.  So with a positive attitude, we brainstormed and came up with the idea of an alien creature inspired by a turtle.  It took weeks, and more than half the club using recycled carton boxes to cut out every single scale from the biggest one to the tiniest which was smaller than your pinky finger.  When it came to the final days, we started wrapping up, which included spray painting – a form of art itself.  The techniques needed to handle paint without getting it everywhere, and holding the glue gun without burning yourself was a massive struggle.  To conclude, even though we went through many hardships, the process made us closer as a community.

In the Book Fair, we also conduct some activities for fundraising.  This year we decided on a Zodiac Booth where we had multiple tattoos based on Chinese horoscope signs, and face paintings based on birth signs.  We added some fairy lights to give the impression of being surrounded by stars.  It was a fun way to learn about how astrology connects with us on a spiritual level.  There were three games featured.  Space Jam was a basketball game in which players had to make three out of five shots.  In Space Pong, they had to bounce four ping-pong balls into nine cans.  And lastly, Alien Gundown had an alien target that the players had to shoot in order to win.  Coming up with ideas for the games was fairly easy.  It took about ten minutes for all the boys to conjure up fun games.  Preparations did not take a lot effort, unlike with the decorations.  As easygoing this task may sound, there were some factors that proved difficult.  One of the challenges was the weather; it started  raining cats and dogs along with the wind howling fiercely.  As a result, we could not hold the games outside, and so we had to conduct them inside.  Another factor we faced was the gun malfunctions, but with tolerance and patience the boys overcame this obstacle.  A wide range of prizes, from barbie dolls to school supplies, were given out to the winners.  All in all, conducting the games was fun, and it is always one of the most interesting part of the preparation.

We could go on for hours about how much work the members put into the decorations and how much it paid off, but none of it holds a candle to what the Librarians have done.  For months, they worked on buying a wide range of books such that there’s something for everyone.  With books ranging from Shakespeare to celebrity autobiographies to Geronimo storybooks, no one was left unsatisfied.  I saw teachers browse through the cook books and gamers buying the Minecraft novels.  Some more spiritual people were interested in the meditation books, and there was no fictional genre left out from the selection.  And to make the books even more diverse, Mrs. Rema made a deal with another business party from Bahrain to bring books that we otherwise wouldn’t have.  I spent a particularly long time in that section, where I bought a novel by Zoe Sugg among many others that I’m just itching to read.  And with the stacks of books I’ve seen others walk out with, it’s safe to say that everyone walked out with a bright smile on their face.

The entire experience was worthwhile, and felt like we travelled to the depth of the galaxy.  Though we faced many trials and tribulations, the satisfaction when everything came together was each and every second.  Imagination and teamwork were key components of putting the event together.  The variety of books gave more options to the buyers, and broadened their horizons of thinking.  In the end, we would like to thank everyone for the support and hardwork in making the Book Fair a successful event, and special thank you to those enthusiastic patrons.

Written by: Asma Khan, Layan Salameh, Dheif Daniel Yunting – Gr. 11

Junior Student Council

        JSC which stands for (Junior Student Council) is a group of students who lead the middle school body and help them in different ways. One of my dreams was to join JSC, in fact I have been trying to join JSC for the past 3 years, I have always wanted to help more people.

        This year was my lucky year where I’ve made it to the final cut possible, and become one of the 4 main presidential candidates out of 142 students, who have joined the elimination rounds.

       I had a really phenomenal feeling when I knew that I reached this point.  So far it has been the most fun experience I have ever had. I hope other students try joining JSC in the future years to experience the best feeling one could ever have.

Written By: Ismael Gr. 8B

CPR Training



       I am proud to say my school provides me with all the knowledge that I need for my future college.  With lots of options , it’s hard choosing which area to study and pursue as a profession – one of these areas is medicine. I have always wondered   how to save a person’s  life and the crucial moment between life and death.

      For a week, we had not only CPR training, but rather a short course about certain health emergencies. CPR stands for (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and  “is a lifesaving technique that is useful in many emergencies, including heart attack or near drowning, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped”.

      Doctor Amany Abdul Magid, ISG Dammam’s very own doctor,  taught us an acronym so we wouldn’t forget the correct process to proceed with in case of finding an unconscious person, and that acronym is DR. CAB ( Compression Airway and Breathing). The first step is to check for surroundings danger and make sure that your area is safe enough for you to be able to help save the person in question. After that, you must check for a response, usually by strongly tapping their shoulders and asking if they are okay, if no response is given, then you must proceed to ask someone to call the emergency hotline and find an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine. After that you should check for pulse and breathing, if there is no sign of either, then you proceed  with CPR. However, if there is pulse, you shouldn’t perform CPR.

       You begin by performing 30 compression at a fast rate, then you make sure the airway is clear before administering the mouth-to-mouth breathing, preferably with some protective barrier like a tissue between you and the victim. It is important to block their nose so that the air doesn’t escape through it. After repeating the cycle for 5 times, you perform a reassessment. If the victim is showing signs of recovery, then you move them to their side, which is called the recovery position. Of course, each step has important details and must be performed carefully to be considered for the CPR to work properly and not hurt the victim instead by mistake.

  To sum it up, I believe that we all learned it isn’t an easy as depicted in movies or simple as we thought, it is actually much more difficult in real life. We need to practice this procedure often so as to not forget any important steps.

Written by: Yara Sami Gr. 11

HS Health Class(Mrs.Leeya Harris)

Fall Festival Elementary School

Fall Festival is an annual celebration organized by ISG Dammam Elementary School, every year. This year we celebrated this colorful seasonal festival on Nov 03, 2015. This event celebrates the spirit of autumn, and the winds of change. This time around, the little leopards displayed their creativity through their vibrant costumes, all creatively designed with the festive spirit in mind. Costumes and outfits ranged from superhero Spider-man, to a robot, a princess, or even scary costumes such as a wizard.  

There were also educational games to boost the fun element for the day. Students had a whale of a time playing exciting games, both outdoors as well as indoors. And that was not all! Face-painting and spooky-picture taking further enhanced students’ experience, making them wait with greater anticipation for the next such event! The parent community also chipped in with some very valuable and much-needed help, making the events and activities run even more smoothly.