Support Comes in Many Colors

NHS General Cancer Awareness Assembly

“There’s a ‘can’ in cancer because we can beat it!” Cancer is a group of diseases that begins by a normal cell with an abnormal cell growth and its potential to spread to other parts of our bodies. Most of us are aware of that. To me, cancer is not just a disease that is a leading cause of deaths all over the world. It is not just an illness to grieve about. Yet, it is a powerful reminder that we are living a life full of obstacles and it’s our choice to choose the kinds of obstacles we face. Cancer is a question that asks us, “What kind of life do you choose to live?”

On the 17th of October 2016, National Honor Society delivered a strong message to the high school Staff and students. I walked in the auditorium with curiosity about the facts and types of cancer. I could see the word “HOPE” in huge letters and felt the positivity spread through my body. As the students settled down, an inspirational one minute video was projected stating facts about cancer. I heard some of the most wise and unforgettable words I had ever heard.  “There’s a ‘can’ in cancer because we can beat it!”

The auditorium was filled with enthusiasm as I clapped my hands along with the roaring applause from other students. Without delay, Nada Ibrahim, the NHS president, took over the microphone and started a presentation about different types of cancer. She talked about breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, uterine cancer, and so forth. The causes of these types of cancer were also mentioned and some of them are actually a part of our daily routines/habits, such as eating junk food, sitting too much, not exercising properly, etc. In fact, cancer-causing substances, like carcinogens, can be anywhere around us. The presentation ended with each student learning something new about cancer. Then, it was time for the jeopardy.

Not only has this assembly taught me facts about the different types of cancers, but it has also taught me about the life choices I should make from now on. It taught me that I should be aware of my own life, because if I can’t support myself, what makes me think I can support others?

  • Written by Yasmin Zahra (Media Tech Club member)

Support comes in many colors.”

Effect of video games on human body

Hey all of you gamers out there! Do you ever feel a rush of adrenaline and a sense of intensity whenever you play video games? Why do we feel so immersed and focused whenever we play video games. That is just the question we are yet to answer.

To find the truth behind this sensation, the High School Science Club set out and begun a research experiment on different age groups,  ranging from high schoolers (16-18 years old) and adults (50-55 years). Each volunteer was asked to play two different games which had varying genres meant to have different levels of focus and skill needed. Each volunteer had their heart rate, blood pressure and pain tolerance measured before, during, and after playing to see if playing video games really did have an effect on the human body. Blood pressure and heart rate were monitored using a digital monitor tied on the wrist. Pain tolerance was measured by pricking a pin several times on their arm and recording the counts they sensed. The measurements were compared to their resting state observations.

Line graphs were plotted for all the parameters to have a comparative insight of the variations. Some sample graphs have been shown herewith. The data evidently represented that all the tested parameters show higher variations during the test conditions as compared to the resting stage (control condition). Also, it was clearly noticed that volunteers in the teens group showed higher fluctuations in their heart rate and blood pressure while the older volunteers tend to have more stability in their basic parameters. This may also be attributed to the varying interest levels in people of different age groups.

Though the data was divergent for different volunteers, making it inappropriate to quantify the results as an average effect of video games. But overall trend in the data suggests, that there is a significant fluctuation in your heart rate and blood pressure along with a decrease in your pain sensitivity while playing video games.  Even though your body isn’t actually moving when you play video games, adrenal medulla gland releases hormones and adrenaline due to the amount of focus paid to the game. Some effects are also visible like dilation of pupils to enhance focus for the game.

It can be concluded that a prolonged use of such games, may result in severe complications. These blood pressure variations may be mild for the moment but may have a long term effect on the body. So, we must advise young generations to use these activities only for leisure rather than an addictive routine. 


Study conducted by: Layan Salameh (Gr11), John Michael Magallanes (Gr10), Marcel Improta (Gr10) and Sobaan Basharat (Gr10)

Supervisor: Mrs. Neha Pachisia

Honoring Art with the Art Exhibition

Art expresses thoughts and feelings in so many ways that words can’t. Given a paintbrush and a canvas, or even a pencil and paper,  an artist can let loose, and unleash their thoughts. And when these thoughts are brought to life, they can make something alluring, which should be honored in some way or another. That is the purpose of the Art Exhibition: to display and honor the talents of artistic students young or old, in Art classes or in painting clubs,  throughout our school. Whether the art was in the form of acrylic paintings, sculptures, or even pencil shading, the best pieces were all put up on display in the hallway at the heart of the school. Prices were placed on the art pieces, for anyone who would wish to purchase. The Art Exhibition showed that art is a greatly valued subject at our school, and also showed that when it comes to putting thoughts on canvas or paper, the only limit is your imagination.

Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media Tech Club Member)

Educational Program

Elementary School surpasses itself every year when it  organizes its outstanding educational program. This year the audience was mesmerized by both, the different themes and interesting shows of grade 2 and 3.

Believe in yourself and you will fly high. With this theme, grade 3 started their Educational Program with great speeches performed by Gr. 3 students on March, 9, 2016. They impressed the audience with inspirational words, bringing to life examples of famous people who suffered to succeed and make a difference in the world, such as: Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and many more. The program included motivational songs, inspirational poems, animal skits that showcased the theme “Never Give Up”.

One- and two-act plays where students represented different characters, and dance shows. It was a great opportunity for students to show their talent and skills to their proud parents and teachers, and to do their very best.

Students of GR.2 started the educational program on March, 3, 2016, with the theme “Around the world with Grade 2”, based on the different cultures of our community.

The audience got the chance to see informative presentations about different countries and their habits, with beautiful national dances, all of which was raised to a whole new level with the students’  traditional costume of each country.

The performance of Gr. 2 students was a display of their skills,  flexibility and intelligence, while their ability to produce excellent speeches using one language to communicate and unify all different cultures proved beyond a doubt that ISG Dammam is more than just a school; it’s one community that stands united to learn and produce the best.

See more photos of our amazing Educational Program on Flickr:


ES Sports Day


Physical Education is an important aspect of education, especially for younger children, as it is  good for their muscles and bones and makes them stronger and healthier. At ISG Dammam, PE is an integral part of the student’s’ educational journey, and the elementary department emphasizes this time and again every year during their annual Sports Day. This year, on March 10, 2016, each class had the chance to participate in more than one sports activity, like running, jumping, basketball, and many more exercises. They also competed with other classes in fun, competitive games.

Sports has great benefits, not only for the body, but also for developing the child’s brain. According to U.S researchers, “ exercise builds new brain cells in a brain region called dentate gyrus, which is linked with memory and memory loss”.  It also improves the child’s ability to learn complex things and reduce stress. Researchers show that kids who participate in organized sports learn confidence, teamwork and leadership.

The sports day was a day of fun, education, and good health, where students enjoyed their time, and learned new exercises and games which they can, in future, practice and play on their own.

Aiming High in Math with MangaHigh


It’s no mystery that math is of high significance.   Because it teaches us that every problem has a solution, it’s vital to incorporate maths with technology since students are lately bound to media in every way possible. That’s where MangaHigh comes in. Like Mathletics, MangaHigh offers a wide range of games aiming to improve our math skills and the rate at which we solve the problems. The competition commenced on March 14, and ends on March 24.  Before it started, students were given usernames and passwords for logging into their MangaHigh. Once they logged in, there was no limit on what they could accomplish there. They were now free to unleash their mathematical magic into the colorful variety of games and activities on the website. Though it was only for a limited time of ten days, it was a wildly successful activity nonetheless. The students showed tremendous interest in it, devoting so much of their time to the competition to ensure our school proved itself on the online stage with a first place finish in the MangaHigh Middle East Maths Star Challenge. Congratulations to our Leopards! It’s competitions like these that bring out the best of us Leopards, as our competitive side, mixed in with our math skills, combine to bring strong results.

Written by: Mirna Hussein, Grade 10 (Media Tech Club Member)

The Carnival: Where Celebration meets Unity



The gift of being a Leopard has always meant pride and joy to each and every one of us from the moment we joined this school. Getting to share that pride with thousands of other students and teachers is a glorious feeling, and what better way to experience it than with a colorful, boisterous carnival! This year, the memorable event was held on February 18, and perfectly captured two of the most important themes of being a Leopard: celebration and unity. Students, parents, and guests all attended this fun fest, with excitement written all over them. Several unique clubs from all over the school worked extremely hard in making sure everyone attending the event had a fantastic time. Whether brainstorming ideas for activities, working at the booths, or even decorating balloons and colorful decorations, everyone made a massive effort and the hard work payed off. The ISG Dammam Leopards were truly united in celebration, and the pride and satisfaction in putting together and enjoying a spectacular, colorful event really shone through.

Written By : Mirna Hussein  (Media Tech Club member)
Edited by : Bana Salim (Journalism Student)