Our Beauty Lies within The Margins

“Empowered by Passion” HS Yearbook 2014-2015

It is Sunday morning once again, as we all file in into our classrooms, for it is the first day of school and all you have in mind is one question. But with a blink of an eye everything changes, you are putting down the pen on your final exam,  as you realize it is now the last day of school, and you are left with the same question : “How did time pass me by this fast?” 

But even if this entire year has stormed by, the memories and laughter were captured and forever preserved in the Empowered by Passion high school yearbook 2015. We, the Journalism Class, single out moments and delicately weave them to create a masterpiece where all the students can look back on and exclaim : “Wow, this is our school, this is our home.”

This year, the Journalism class and club have set the bar incredibly high compared to its precedent yearbooks, as they have infused technology and virtual reality into the pages of their masterpiece. Introducing methods such a Google cardboard and Aurasma, the yearbook has become a digital series of engraved memories, available to access at all times. With the breathtaking photo spheres and the videos, not a single moment, not a single corner, and not a single voice will be forgotten from ISG Dammam’s high school. It is a truly admirable feat to preserve the legacy of a school year, but the thing most worthy of audible praise is the beauty that lies within the margins of this yearbook. So remember, as you flip through the pages of this book, relive the memories we powered through, recapture the essence of high school, re-immerse yourself into the bits and pieces of our adventures, become empowered by our greatest accomplishments, become ’15.

Noor Ra’fat (Journalism Layout Editor)