Recognizing Middle Schoolers

Recognition Day… Probably the most nauseous day of the year. Everyone gets goosebumps just thinking about if they will get recognized or not. We get awarded for all the hard work we have put in this year. When your name gets called it’s one of the best feelings because you know you are recognized by the teachers and the school. We all worked hard for our accomplishments and it feels great to be recognized and appreciated for it.

Our recognition day was held in our school auditorium with the stage decorated to look like a  gold medal…it looked amazing!  Our Principal, Mr. Rutten, was called to give a few opening remarks and said we should all be reading this summer. Reading is an important part of our lives because it helps us to learn new vocabulary words and better ways to write. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Marcos, was handing out the certificates and had a big smile on her face as she gave each one out. Mrs. Bali also welcomed us warmly with a few words.

Even us students had the biggest smiles on our faces when we heard our names being called. All I can say is congratulations to the kids who got certificates. To the ones who didn’t — that’s okay, try and try again until you succeed. Everyone has something special inside them so good luck and start by having an awesome summer break (reading of course)!

Natasha Pinto – Grade 6



Middle School Earth Day

Earth day was an amazing experience. The activity that we participated in was fun and thoughtful. Picking up all that trash really helped clean the school and give a break to our hard-working janitors! It taught us just how important and valuable the earth is. We certainly need to take care of it. If we continue to pollute, water levels will rise, landfills will increase, and the weather will become hotter.  We should all be more eco friendly to help make the world be a better place.

– Farouk Tayibu 8A

Pioneering the Youngest of Leaders

NHS and NJHS Induction Ceremony, 2015

It is an honor so grand that a prestigious celebration is held annually. An honor so exquisite that only a very few are granted entry, and an honor so fulfilling that the students often feel like they have accomplished their best. Welcome to the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, where young minds transition from endless dreamers to youthful leaders. Demonstrating excelling characteristics in Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Character, and Service, a few students are selected each year to vow their loyalty to their school and their dedication towards bettering its community. Forming the new National Honor Society, these students are some of the few people who truly understand that NHS is not merely a club, but a groundbreaking impact in the school’s future. They work year-round towards a better cause, and the student body is lucky to witness it every single day. Congratulations to the 2015 NHS and NJHS Inductees; we have faith that you are only going to pioneer our school to the better. As for the previous members, your legacy surely lives on as you instruct your newest inductees in the values of the society. And as a current NHS member once mentioned, you do not join the society, you embody it. You become its values. You resonate its beliefs. You breathe its morality and you live its achievements. To be inducted is a blessing, but to embody the society remains the greatest gift of all.

-Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)