Graduation through a Leopard’s Tongue


Class of ’15 now, Class of ’15 forever

One thing I learned about high school? Well, it never ends. You think you’re graduating but actually, you never leave.  It never leaves your heart, it never leaves your soul. Within these walls we’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We left a piece of us wherever we went. We did not just go to school here, we breathed its air, we befriended its people, we became ISG-Dammam. 4 years of high school may not seem like much, but I give you my word, it has been a hell of a ride. The day has come to take a leap into the unknown, to unbuckle the training wheels from our bicycles and travel the upcoming path alone. June 13th marks the last day we ever walk down the halls as one, but know that the farther we go, the closer our hearts are tethered to our home. Know that this is not the end, because we chose for it not to be. Know that our means of self-defense will be the very same passion instilled within our classrooms. Know that was distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd are the spots under our skin and the dedication in our eyes. Know that with ISG Dammam, we are empowered. Through the leopards tongue I tell you, the Class of ’15 is ready to leave; to embark on a journey with an unknown destination, but a great deal of learning along its path. Let go off our hands and we shall show you, we are worthy of creating miracles.  Allow this leopard to rise to its greatest potential, but only by remembering where it truly came from. Allow us to spread the values we have learned here through our upcoming lives. Allow us to show the world: this is our home.  Goodbye ISG – Dammam, you will always be our safest platform to land on. So through the tongue of a leopard I tell you, the Class of ’15 will forever be in your debt.

-Noor Ra’fat, for the last time ever,  (Journalism Layout Editor and Class of ’15 Graduate)