Celebration Time…

Sharing the Fruit of Our Labor…

The Activity center reverberated with tiny little pearls of wisdom as our first and second graders turned into wise and articulate writers. Having worked all quarter on their informative booklets, these budding writers were now ready to share the fruit of their labor with their peer group. They pored over each other’s work, taking in all the information, and posted comments, feeling very much like real, mature authors. It was really a sight to behold, these little youngsters commenting and critiquing on their partner-writer’s books, each being extremely careful to give the positive feedback first. The topics ranged from the ever-popular soccer and basketball, to the more bizarre rare snakes and other little-known creatures, to some amazing facts about the solar system… These youngsters were ready to bowl anyone over with their charm! The comments reflected the maturity and seriousness with which these young authors are taking their writers workshop, and the quality of their written work reflected their own, as well as their teachers’ dedication. Way to go, young writers!

-S. Ashraf (Language Arts, Grade 4)


Earth… We’re in it Together!

Earth day Awareness
Earth Day comes and goes each year without much ado, and we don’t really do much about it. But the second graders changed that routine this year, when they became the perfect role models for even adults to emulate! Come Earth Day (April 22nd), and these little ones undertook a Clean-Up Drive as part of their contribution towards a healthier and cleaner world.  They went out of their classrooms and picked up trash around the school campus. It was a moment that melted the hearts of many onlookers, these spirited youngsters meticulously clearing up the school grounds. And it was not just a teaching moment, it was a lifelong lesson they learned this way. They learned lessons of environment-consciousness, they learned lessons of dignity of labor, they learned lessons of compassion. It was truly a great initiative on the part of the teachers to take time out for this. They also read Earth Day articles to their students and discussed ways to help Mother Earth. One realized that these enlightened little kids can indeed come up with many enterprising and indigenous ways to help Mother Earth! The Earth is in safe hands!
-Shaista Ashraf (Grade 4 LA Teacher)

(With inputs from Ms. Glorie Perez)