Support Comes in Many Colors

NHS General Cancer Awareness Assembly

“There’s a ‘can’ in cancer because we can beat it!” Cancer is a group of diseases that begins by a normal cell with an abnormal cell growth and its potential to spread to other parts of our bodies. Most of us are aware of that. To me, cancer is not just a disease that is a leading cause of deaths all over the world. It is not just an illness to grieve about. Yet, it is a powerful reminder that we are living a life full of obstacles and it’s our choice to choose the kinds of obstacles we face. Cancer is a question that asks us, “What kind of life do you choose to live?”

On the 17th of October 2016, National Honor Society delivered a strong message to the high school Staff and students. I walked in the auditorium with curiosity about the facts and types of cancer. I could see the word “HOPE” in huge letters and felt the positivity spread through my body. As the students settled down, an inspirational one minute video was projected stating facts about cancer. I heard some of the most wise and unforgettable words I had ever heard.  “There’s a ‘can’ in cancer because we can beat it!”

The auditorium was filled with enthusiasm as I clapped my hands along with the roaring applause from other students. Without delay, Nada Ibrahim, the NHS president, took over the microphone and started a presentation about different types of cancer. She talked about breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, uterine cancer, and so forth. The causes of these types of cancer were also mentioned and some of them are actually a part of our daily routines/habits, such as eating junk food, sitting too much, not exercising properly, etc. In fact, cancer-causing substances, like carcinogens, can be anywhere around us. The presentation ended with each student learning something new about cancer. Then, it was time for the jeopardy.

Not only has this assembly taught me facts about the different types of cancers, but it has also taught me about the life choices I should make from now on. It taught me that I should be aware of my own life, because if I can’t support myself, what makes me think I can support others?

  • Written by Yasmin Zahra (Media Tech Club member)

Support comes in many colors.”


Leopards Dive Deeper

Though the Leopards of Dammam are well-known for their endless talent on land, we discover the capabilities of our other Leopards whom have taken the meaning “Dive Deeper” to a whole new level. Meet Nada Al-Shaer, champion swimmer and gold medalist since 2001 and most importantly, an ISG – Dammam Leopard. She relays her experience to us firsthand:
“Swimming has been part of my life for 11 years now and it has been a blast. Accomplishing my goals came with a tough price, the dedication of  having to train day and night. This year, 2015, I have competed in several competitions including the Egyptian and Saudi Arabia National competition, which were the biggest and most grand competitions I have took part in, what an honor! I was able to earn two golden medals and two silver in the Egyptian competition, and having successfully been admitted to the National team. What is even more startling is the moment I won the first place trophy in the 15-16 age group in the Saudi Arabian Swimming competition. The minute the result was announced, my heart collapsed in my chest, for it has been 9 years of competing in this field and it was my first time ever to win such a trophy. So you see now, goals can never be attained without absolute, adequate, and remarkable dedication. “

-Nada Al Shaer (Sophomore)

Who could have known that the talents of the Leopard were so endless yet so genuine? Continuing to baffle the world by our groundbreaking capabilities, ISG – Dammam proceeds to nurture an environment from which breath-taking talents sprout from.

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat ( Journalism Layout Editor)

Teeth Whitening Wonders – Part 2!

Revolutionary Science in the Palm of our Hands

Based on the results of the previous experiment conducted on seashells, the High School Science Club has decided to proceed and conduct its newest experiment. Thanks to the contributions of a few dentists however, we were able to conduct our experiment on real human teeth. The aim of this experiment, just like its precedent, is to discover which chemical is most effective in teeth whitening. Interestingly, these experiments supported the results obtained by the earlier experiment. Again, tea was found to be the strongest staining agent whose stains were most difficult to remove. Amongst the toothpastes, Signal again has proven to be the most powerful whitening agent, as the results were much better visibly compared to the other toothpastes (Colgate and Crest). Due to limited teeth samples however, we were not able to continue the study with natural remedies (banana peel and baking soda + lemon), which were found to be as equally effective as toothpaste. Nonetheless, we believe that these results would also have been replicated, like the remaining others. This experiment also supports and validates the use of seashells in teeth-related experiments since they produce the same results. In a nutshell, our experiment concluded in a huge success, since our expectations and theories were in fact reality.

Roba El-Zibaoui, Ahd Abdelhadi, Yara Sami.

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)