Fall Festival

Fall is one of the cherished seasons that people wait for every year, where the cold wind blows your hair and the ground is covered with colorful leaves to reveal a beautiful view. Likewise in ISG Dammam, we never got tired of trying to amuse our Leopards with different kinds of atmosphere throughout the school year. On the 31st of October till the 2nd of November, we celebrated the spirit of Fall, where each department creatively decorated the school in a scary and spooky style and came wearing creative costumes to add color to the atmosphere.

To start with, the Elementary Fall Festival was a great success because of the incredible collaboration of all the staff and the students did to create something different and entertaining. We had the pleasure to welcome parents to share this festival with us and their delighted children. At the early morning after the little Leopards settled in their classes with their exclusive costumes, they were prepared by their teachers to march across the hallways till they reached the soccer field, and they formed a big, organized circle. The parents themselves, who was happier than the children, took pictures and proudly watched them enjoying the day. After that, the students went to nibble different kinds of Halloween-themed food and got to choose any activity they would like to do. They could either have an amusing face painting, play fun games in the gym, play racing robots that can be remotely controlled, or take a photo in the Photo Booth.

In the same way, the Middle School also had their wonderful time. The students came with their unique costumes, enjoyed their day by playing different kind of games, and danced with the upbeat spirit in their socials.

Last but not least, the High School! On this week, the High School Department was filled with the spirit of Fall and Halloween. High School students came with their costumes on the 31st of October and it was fascinating to see people with their own creative costumes. They got their new Munchies cafe, which is sponsored by the Business class, where coffee, cookies, popcorn, and other appetizing snacks were sold. Not to mention, the Student Council also played a big role in lighting up the week. They held a Bake Sale, various of mini-games, and, how can we forget, the lively Socials that was held in the 2nd of November in our auditorium. We can say it was just lit.

The Fall Festival celebration is one of the themed celebrations that ISG Dammam hold every year to put the word ‘fun’ in our minds when we hear the word ‘school’. It simply just tells us that with all our different costumes, each one of us is different and unique on our own. But a spiritual, fun week with several entertainments can gather us all as one.  

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Edited by Yasmin Zahra (Media Tech Club Member)

The Growth of the Leopards

Each day is a milestone as we bloom towards achieving our hopes and dreams. We’ve lavished these milestones with such passion and dedication, and now it’s time for us to claim the fruit of our hard-work and be recognized.

On the 29th of September 2016, the recognition ceremony for Quarters 3 and 4 of the school year 2015-2016 was held at the auditorium. The students were awarded with High Honor Roll and Honor Roll academic awards . Students with outstanding performance  in subject areas and clubs were also given awards to recognize their efforts and dedication.

ISG Dammam conquered the summit and aced the Mangahigh contest for being the first place out of all the participants in the Middle East. Therefor Mangahigh awards were given to top achiever students, who have given honor to our school. And lastly, character recognition awards were given as well, to acknowledge the great morals and prominent attributes of our fellow Leopards.

Now, all of this couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the hardwork of our very own recognition committee teachers Mrs. Reham Fadel, Mrs. Zeinab Karnib, Mrs. Merlyn Leny,  Mrs. Ann Smith, and Dr. Natalia Socolova, lead by Mrs. Shahnaz Salim as the sponsor and Mrs. Misra as the alternate sponsor, who intricately planned and organized the ceremony. Our principal, Mr. John Rutten, and the High School vice principals, Mrs. Nehla Lejmi and Mr. Naidoo, were  given the honor  to recognize the young high school achievers.

After all, it was a success not only for the students but as well as for our beloved school as we soar up high as one great Leopard family. 

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Effect of video games on human body

Hey all of you gamers out there! Do you ever feel a rush of adrenaline and a sense of intensity whenever you play video games? Why do we feel so immersed and focused whenever we play video games. That is just the question we are yet to answer.

To find the truth behind this sensation, the High School Science Club set out and begun a research experiment on different age groups,  ranging from high schoolers (16-18 years old) and adults (50-55 years). Each volunteer was asked to play two different games which had varying genres meant to have different levels of focus and skill needed. Each volunteer had their heart rate, blood pressure and pain tolerance measured before, during, and after playing to see if playing video games really did have an effect on the human body. Blood pressure and heart rate were monitored using a digital monitor tied on the wrist. Pain tolerance was measured by pricking a pin several times on their arm and recording the counts they sensed. The measurements were compared to their resting state observations.

Line graphs were plotted for all the parameters to have a comparative insight of the variations. Some sample graphs have been shown herewith. The data evidently represented that all the tested parameters show higher variations during the test conditions as compared to the resting stage (control condition). Also, it was clearly noticed that volunteers in the teens group showed higher fluctuations in their heart rate and blood pressure while the older volunteers tend to have more stability in their basic parameters. This may also be attributed to the varying interest levels in people of different age groups.

Though the data was divergent for different volunteers, making it inappropriate to quantify the results as an average effect of video games. But overall trend in the data suggests, that there is a significant fluctuation in your heart rate and blood pressure along with a decrease in your pain sensitivity while playing video games.  Even though your body isn’t actually moving when you play video games, adrenal medulla gland releases hormones and adrenaline due to the amount of focus paid to the game. Some effects are also visible like dilation of pupils to enhance focus for the game.

It can be concluded that a prolonged use of such games, may result in severe complications. These blood pressure variations may be mild for the moment but may have a long term effect on the body. So, we must advise young generations to use these activities only for leisure rather than an addictive routine. 


Study conducted by: Layan Salameh (Gr11), John Michael Magallanes (Gr10), Marcel Improta (Gr10) and Sobaan Basharat (Gr10)

Supervisor: Mrs. Neha Pachisia

Greater Space, Greater Opportunities

Leopards in New Campus

The family of Dammam has never had a problem to make do with what they have, making the small area that encircles us the most friendly, most accepting, and most welcoming of all. However, as our students continue to grow into the talented Leopards as they are destined to be, the time has come to provide them with more appropriate facilities. The construction of the new school campus began years ago, however, the family of ISG Dammam is proud to announce that we have moved into the new building! Packing procedures have began in early May, and continued throughout the summer, in order for school to reopen on on time in the new campus. Even though the Leopards will be facing bigger and better opportunities in their new environment, they shall never forget the old habitat in which they were schooled.

Graduation through a Leopard’s Tongue


Class of ’15 now, Class of ’15 forever

One thing I learned about high school? Well, it never ends. You think you’re graduating but actually, you never leave.  It never leaves your heart, it never leaves your soul. Within these walls we’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We left a piece of us wherever we went. We did not just go to school here, we breathed its air, we befriended its people, we became ISG-Dammam. 4 years of high school may not seem like much, but I give you my word, it has been a hell of a ride. The day has come to take a leap into the unknown, to unbuckle the training wheels from our bicycles and travel the upcoming path alone. June 13th marks the last day we ever walk down the halls as one, but know that the farther we go, the closer our hearts are tethered to our home. Know that this is not the end, because we chose for it not to be. Know that our means of self-defense will be the very same passion instilled within our classrooms. Know that was distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd are the spots under our skin and the dedication in our eyes. Know that with ISG Dammam, we are empowered. Through the leopards tongue I tell you, the Class of ’15 is ready to leave; to embark on a journey with an unknown destination, but a great deal of learning along its path. Let go off our hands and we shall show you, we are worthy of creating miracles.  Allow this leopard to rise to its greatest potential, but only by remembering where it truly came from. Allow us to spread the values we have learned here through our upcoming lives. Allow us to show the world: this is our home.  Goodbye ISG – Dammam, you will always be our safest platform to land on. So through the tongue of a leopard I tell you, the Class of ’15 will forever be in your debt.

-Noor Ra’fat, for the last time ever,  (Journalism Layout Editor and Class of ’15 Graduate)

Our Beauty Lies within The Margins

“Empowered by Passion” HS Yearbook 2014-2015

It is Sunday morning once again, as we all file in into our classrooms, for it is the first day of school and all you have in mind is one question. But with a blink of an eye everything changes, you are putting down the pen on your final exam,  as you realize it is now the last day of school, and you are left with the same question : “How did time pass me by this fast?” 

But even if this entire year has stormed by, the memories and laughter were captured and forever preserved in the Empowered by Passion high school yearbook 2015. We, the Journalism Class, single out moments and delicately weave them to create a masterpiece where all the students can look back on and exclaim : “Wow, this is our school, this is our home.”

This year, the Journalism class and club have set the bar incredibly high compared to its precedent yearbooks, as they have infused technology and virtual reality into the pages of their masterpiece. Introducing methods such a Google cardboard and Aurasma, the yearbook has become a digital series of engraved memories, available to access at all times. With the breathtaking photo spheres and the videos, not a single moment, not a single corner, and not a single voice will be forgotten from ISG Dammam’s high school. It is a truly admirable feat to preserve the legacy of a school year, but the thing most worthy of audible praise is the beauty that lies within the margins of this yearbook. So remember, as you flip through the pages of this book, relive the memories we powered through, recapture the essence of high school, re-immerse yourself into the bits and pieces of our adventures, become empowered by our greatest accomplishments, become ’15.

Noor Ra’fat (Journalism Layout Editor) 

Leopards Dive Deeper

Though the Leopards of Dammam are well-known for their endless talent on land, we discover the capabilities of our other Leopards whom have taken the meaning “Dive Deeper” to a whole new level. Meet Nada Al-Shaer, champion swimmer and gold medalist since 2001 and most importantly, an ISG – Dammam Leopard. She relays her experience to us firsthand:
“Swimming has been part of my life for 11 years now and it has been a blast. Accomplishing my goals came with a tough price, the dedication of  having to train day and night. This year, 2015, I have competed in several competitions including the Egyptian and Saudi Arabia National competition, which were the biggest and most grand competitions I have took part in, what an honor! I was able to earn two golden medals and two silver in the Egyptian competition, and having successfully been admitted to the National team. What is even more startling is the moment I won the first place trophy in the 15-16 age group in the Saudi Arabian Swimming competition. The minute the result was announced, my heart collapsed in my chest, for it has been 9 years of competing in this field and it was my first time ever to win such a trophy. So you see now, goals can never be attained without absolute, adequate, and remarkable dedication. “

-Nada Al Shaer (Sophomore)

Who could have known that the talents of the Leopard were so endless yet so genuine? Continuing to baffle the world by our groundbreaking capabilities, ISG – Dammam proceeds to nurture an environment from which breath-taking talents sprout from.

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat ( Journalism Layout Editor)

Recognizing Middle Schoolers

Recognition Day… Probably the most nauseous day of the year. Everyone gets goosebumps just thinking about if they will get recognized or not. We get awarded for all the hard work we have put in this year. When your name gets called it’s one of the best feelings because you know you are recognized by the teachers and the school. We all worked hard for our accomplishments and it feels great to be recognized and appreciated for it.

Our recognition day was held in our school auditorium with the stage decorated to look like a  gold medal…it looked amazing!  Our Principal, Mr. Rutten, was called to give a few opening remarks and said we should all be reading this summer. Reading is an important part of our lives because it helps us to learn new vocabulary words and better ways to write. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Marcos, was handing out the certificates and had a big smile on her face as she gave each one out. Mrs. Bali also welcomed us warmly with a few words.

Even us students had the biggest smiles on our faces when we heard our names being called. All I can say is congratulations to the kids who got certificates. To the ones who didn’t — that’s okay, try and try again until you succeed. Everyone has something special inside them so good luck and start by having an awesome summer break (reading of course)!

Natasha Pinto – Grade 6


Technology Eases Election Process

Student Council Elections

The truest forms of Leadership arise from students determined to give birth to change. Within these walls, an organization takes oath to morph these leaders into the greatest form, the student body deserves to see. In Student Council, Leaders are born before our eyes as we watch them passionately chase after what they believe is theirs, taking hold of positions in the annual Student Council Elections. The overwhelming factor however, was not the results of the next-year positions, but rather how technology brilliantly went hand-in-hand with such a prestigious event. ISG-Dammam has become widely known for unlocking the doors of technology on our campus with golden keys. Therefore, May 21st marks the day those passionate leaders were elected through the swipe of a finger, as students took advantage of the available technology provided by the school and completed the voting procedure online with the help of Google Apps. Congratulations to the following people, whom have demonstrated pure excellence:

President – Nihal Ranjit
Vice President –  Hamza Riaz
Secretary  – Noorcein slim
Treasurer  -Tasneem Farag

As for ISG -Dammam, the adaptation to 21st Century advancements continues within our walls, as we uncover more and more methods of displaying passion in its rawest forms, and surely excelling in the race against technology.

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-Noor Ra’fat (Journalism Layout Editor)

Math Behind the Ferris Wheel

The next time you decide to drive out to the Amusement Park, make sure you pay the Ferris Wheel a visit. This entertaining ride will make you ponder about how such a colossal moving structure was built. You will realize that the Ferris wheel is much more complex than it seems to be. We, the FST Class, explored, analyzed, and identified the complex mathematical procedures required to build a model of Ferris wheel, calculated the height of the seats within the model aswell as applied the concept of unit circle trigonometry by making a periodic situation. The team, consisting of Judy El-hassan, Abdul Hannan, Mina Samy, Hayoung Lee, Nour Tareq, and I, collaboratively worked and carefully initialized the construction of our Ferris Wheel. In order to make 12 equidistant spokes, we needed a consistent rule to follow. Therefore, we idealized the unit circle and transformed the intervals in terms of pi and marked them on the cardboard carefully. We repeated this for all the 12 spokes to ensure that our Ferris Wheel was error-free. We also remeasured the distance to ensure it was identical.

It takes vital practice, thought, and application to build a perfectly round structure able to withstand constant circular motion and weight of amusement park riders. Behind every structural component in the Ferris wheel is a purpose, and that is what we aimed to portray whilst building our model. We can now safely say that we have successfully constructed a realistic model for the Ferris Wheel and have completely understood the different mathematical applications performed to build such a wonder. Applying mathematics into forms of amusement has never been more intriguing.

 Written by: Mazin Eisa

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)