New Year, New Me?

We are all guilty of coming up with resolutions but never fulfilling them. It seems so easy for us to come up with them every year but it is an overpowering challenge to actually keep them up. You know some of us have the  “I’m going to join the gym” or “I will study more often this year” type of aims but spare a moment and think about those whose resolutions might be “I will work more to earn enough money for my family” or most importantly those who have “I will try my best  to get my family to safety”. 2016 was a year filled with mixed emotions: happiness, liveliness, love, pain, sorrow and anger. From Donald Trump winning the elections to David Bowie’s death to Leonardo Dicaprio winning an Oscar, this year was anything but uneventful. Though it was saddening to see all those wonderful stars pass away, we often forget about those in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and a lot of other countries suffering from war and poverty. It’s, even more, saddening that the world is well aware of those things but does so little to make a better life for those suffering. 16,000 Syrians were killed in 2016 but did the world care? No. We were too concerned about Kim Kardashian being robbed.

About 21,000 people die everyday, because of hunger but did we do anything about it? No. We were busy trashing the half-eaten McDonalds burger. Around 62 million girls were out of school in 2016, while we were busy complaining about waking up early in the morning.

Instead of coming up with resolutions that are hard to fulfill, how about we come up with plans for donating enough money, food and clothes to countries that are in agony and taking care of refugees that are present in your countries so they could live a better life and their children could have a better future. Come up with plans to reduce the amount of racism, sexism and bullying that happens every single day. No one deserves to die, starve to death or get beaten up without a reason. I say we should take this opportunity and use it to make our world a better place. Make it better for not only you, but for everyone else around you. Leopards, it’s in our hands to make 2017 an even better year not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us. Happy New Year!

Safia Mouzzam. Grade 9, Media Tech club Member

Greater Space, Greater Opportunities

Leopards in New Campus

The family of Dammam has never had a problem to make do with what they have, making the small area that encircles us the most friendly, most accepting, and most welcoming of all. However, as our students continue to grow into the talented Leopards as they are destined to be, the time has come to provide them with more appropriate facilities. The construction of the new school campus began years ago, however, the family of ISG Dammam is proud to announce that we have moved into the new building! Packing procedures have began in early May, and continued throughout the summer, in order for school to reopen on on time in the new campus. Even though the Leopards will be facing bigger and better opportunities in their new environment, they shall never forget the old habitat in which they were schooled.

Graduation through a Leopard’s Tongue


Class of ’15 now, Class of ’15 forever

One thing I learned about high school? Well, it never ends. You think you’re graduating but actually, you never leave.  It never leaves your heart, it never leaves your soul. Within these walls we’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We left a piece of us wherever we went. We did not just go to school here, we breathed its air, we befriended its people, we became ISG-Dammam. 4 years of high school may not seem like much, but I give you my word, it has been a hell of a ride. The day has come to take a leap into the unknown, to unbuckle the training wheels from our bicycles and travel the upcoming path alone. June 13th marks the last day we ever walk down the halls as one, but know that the farther we go, the closer our hearts are tethered to our home. Know that this is not the end, because we chose for it not to be. Know that our means of self-defense will be the very same passion instilled within our classrooms. Know that was distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd are the spots under our skin and the dedication in our eyes. Know that with ISG Dammam, we are empowered. Through the leopards tongue I tell you, the Class of ’15 is ready to leave; to embark on a journey with an unknown destination, but a great deal of learning along its path. Let go off our hands and we shall show you, we are worthy of creating miracles.  Allow this leopard to rise to its greatest potential, but only by remembering where it truly came from. Allow us to spread the values we have learned here through our upcoming lives. Allow us to show the world: this is our home.  Goodbye ISG – Dammam, you will always be our safest platform to land on. So through the tongue of a leopard I tell you, the Class of ’15 will forever be in your debt.

-Noor Ra’fat, for the last time ever,  (Journalism Layout Editor and Class of ’15 Graduate)

Our Beauty Lies within The Margins

“Empowered by Passion” HS Yearbook 2014-2015

It is Sunday morning once again, as we all file in into our classrooms, for it is the first day of school and all you have in mind is one question. But with a blink of an eye everything changes, you are putting down the pen on your final exam,  as you realize it is now the last day of school, and you are left with the same question : “How did time pass me by this fast?” 

But even if this entire year has stormed by, the memories and laughter were captured and forever preserved in the Empowered by Passion high school yearbook 2015. We, the Journalism Class, single out moments and delicately weave them to create a masterpiece where all the students can look back on and exclaim : “Wow, this is our school, this is our home.”

This year, the Journalism class and club have set the bar incredibly high compared to its precedent yearbooks, as they have infused technology and virtual reality into the pages of their masterpiece. Introducing methods such a Google cardboard and Aurasma, the yearbook has become a digital series of engraved memories, available to access at all times. With the breathtaking photo spheres and the videos, not a single moment, not a single corner, and not a single voice will be forgotten from ISG Dammam’s high school. It is a truly admirable feat to preserve the legacy of a school year, but the thing most worthy of audible praise is the beauty that lies within the margins of this yearbook. So remember, as you flip through the pages of this book, relive the memories we powered through, recapture the essence of high school, re-immerse yourself into the bits and pieces of our adventures, become empowered by our greatest accomplishments, become ’15.

Noor Ra’fat (Journalism Layout Editor) 

Recognizing Middle Schoolers

Recognition Day… Probably the most nauseous day of the year. Everyone gets goosebumps just thinking about if they will get recognized or not. We get awarded for all the hard work we have put in this year. When your name gets called it’s one of the best feelings because you know you are recognized by the teachers and the school. We all worked hard for our accomplishments and it feels great to be recognized and appreciated for it.

Our recognition day was held in our school auditorium with the stage decorated to look like a  gold medal…it looked amazing!  Our Principal, Mr. Rutten, was called to give a few opening remarks and said we should all be reading this summer. Reading is an important part of our lives because it helps us to learn new vocabulary words and better ways to write. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Marcos, was handing out the certificates and had a big smile on her face as she gave each one out. Mrs. Bali also welcomed us warmly with a few words.

Even us students had the biggest smiles on our faces when we heard our names being called. All I can say is congratulations to the kids who got certificates. To the ones who didn’t — that’s okay, try and try again until you succeed. Everyone has something special inside them so good luck and start by having an awesome summer break (reading of course)!

Natasha Pinto – Grade 6


Technology Eases Election Process

Student Council Elections

The truest forms of Leadership arise from students determined to give birth to change. Within these walls, an organization takes oath to morph these leaders into the greatest form, the student body deserves to see. In Student Council, Leaders are born before our eyes as we watch them passionately chase after what they believe is theirs, taking hold of positions in the annual Student Council Elections. The overwhelming factor however, was not the results of the next-year positions, but rather how technology brilliantly went hand-in-hand with such a prestigious event. ISG-Dammam has become widely known for unlocking the doors of technology on our campus with golden keys. Therefore, May 21st marks the day those passionate leaders were elected through the swipe of a finger, as students took advantage of the available technology provided by the school and completed the voting procedure online with the help of Google Apps. Congratulations to the following people, whom have demonstrated pure excellence:

President – Nihal Ranjit
Vice President –  Hamza Riaz
Secretary  – Noorcein slim
Treasurer  -Tasneem Farag

As for ISG -Dammam, the adaptation to 21st Century advancements continues within our walls, as we uncover more and more methods of displaying passion in its rawest forms, and surely excelling in the race against technology.

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-Noor Ra’fat (Journalism Layout Editor)

Math Behind the Ferris Wheel

The next time you decide to drive out to the Amusement Park, make sure you pay the Ferris Wheel a visit. This entertaining ride will make you ponder about how such a colossal moving structure was built. You will realize that the Ferris wheel is much more complex than it seems to be. We, the FST Class, explored, analyzed, and identified the complex mathematical procedures required to build a model of Ferris wheel, calculated the height of the seats within the model aswell as applied the concept of unit circle trigonometry by making a periodic situation. The team, consisting of Judy El-hassan, Abdul Hannan, Mina Samy, Hayoung Lee, Nour Tareq, and I, collaboratively worked and carefully initialized the construction of our Ferris Wheel. In order to make 12 equidistant spokes, we needed a consistent rule to follow. Therefore, we idealized the unit circle and transformed the intervals in terms of pi and marked them on the cardboard carefully. We repeated this for all the 12 spokes to ensure that our Ferris Wheel was error-free. We also remeasured the distance to ensure it was identical.

It takes vital practice, thought, and application to build a perfectly round structure able to withstand constant circular motion and weight of amusement park riders. Behind every structural component in the Ferris wheel is a purpose, and that is what we aimed to portray whilst building our model. We can now safely say that we have successfully constructed a realistic model for the Ferris Wheel and have completely understood the different mathematical applications performed to build such a wonder. Applying mathematics into forms of amusement has never been more intriguing.

 Written by: Mazin Eisa

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)



Pioneering the Youngest of Leaders

NHS and NJHS Induction Ceremony, 2015

It is an honor so grand that a prestigious celebration is held annually. An honor so exquisite that only a very few are granted entry, and an honor so fulfilling that the students often feel like they have accomplished their best. Welcome to the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, where young minds transition from endless dreamers to youthful leaders. Demonstrating excelling characteristics in Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Character, and Service, a few students are selected each year to vow their loyalty to their school and their dedication towards bettering its community. Forming the new National Honor Society, these students are some of the few people who truly understand that NHS is not merely a club, but a groundbreaking impact in the school’s future. They work year-round towards a better cause, and the student body is lucky to witness it every single day. Congratulations to the 2015 NHS and NJHS Inductees; we have faith that you are only going to pioneer our school to the better. As for the previous members, your legacy surely lives on as you instruct your newest inductees in the values of the society. And as a current NHS member once mentioned, you do not join the society, you embody it. You become its values. You resonate its beliefs. You breathe its morality and you live its achievements. To be inducted is a blessing, but to embody the society remains the greatest gift of all.

-Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)

The Luck of the Irish

Exploring the Irish Horizons 

On March 28th, 2015, the formal DAMMUN ventured off to the stunning land of Ireland, to participate in the Saint Andrew’s International Model United Nations Conference, Dublin (SAIMUN). Their hard work and preparation beforehand evidently glowed in the prestigious conference that is attended annually by over 700 students from all over the globe. Several Leopards actually main-submitted resolutions, in which Delegate Mohammed Al-Bakshy’s passed, and passionately defended them in their committees. The Luck of the Irish kicked in when I discovered that I had won the title ‘Distinguished Delegate’. While tackling world issues in the morning through debate and discussion in the Royal Marine Hotel, they explored the streets of Dublin by night. They saw beautiful tourist attractions such as Dublin Castle and Trinity College. At their last day in Ireland, the Leopards visited a traditional Irish pub called ‘Celtic Nights’ where they experienced the breath-taking Celtic dance and food first hand. We congratulate the Leopards for their hard work, dedication, and efforts in the conference and for having such a fantastic time.  In a nutshell, it is wise to say that the students of ISG-Dammam have successfully achieved the ‘Luck of the Irish”.

-Basant Shenouda

Reviewed and Edited by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)

When the Leopards Speak, They Roar

27th Annual Speak Out

The absence of a voice forever defines the life of an individual. Those who cannot Stand up and Speak out lead a life of silence. The students of ISG – Dammam aspired to show the world that speaking was not only a talent, but a weapon.  Wednesday, March 18th marked the day for the annual Speak out program. Celebrating its 27th year, the ceremony presented to the audience a group of students embedded with raw talent and endless potential. These students, who underwent hours of practice, gracefully took the stage and mesmerized its crowd. Topics ran through from Women Power, Confidence, and Persistence to even Human Truth and Freedom. With so much beauty, so much faith, and so much confidence, the Leopards had taught humanity a lesson. This lesson had finally proved that words do in fact speak louder. The lesson reads: “Be a a voice, not an echo.”

-Noor Ra’fat (Speak Out Runner-up)