Middle School Mathletes

The math contest is held every year here at ISG Dammam Middle School to select the best among the eight best final contestants from each grade level. Staff, students, and parents work hard every year to make this unforgettable experience come to life.

Final contestants are chosen through a series of different elimination rounds. In the class level round, all students participate and the top 10 scorers are selected. Then comes the grade level round where 20 highest performing students are taken. In the semi-final round, the top eight students will advance to the last and final round. This last round is  held in the beautifully decorated auditorium, where the selection for the first, second, and third place will take place and receive a gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

To be chosen in any of the rounds is more than an honor, and might as well be described as the best feeling in the world. That final round though, is just indescribable.  Even those attending  this extraordinary event, whether a teacher, parent, or students feel so proud. Teachers  stand there, feeling proud of the students they taught. Students sit there watching, amazed at how quickly these contestants can solve questions that they may not have been able to solve. These are the classmates that they studied with. These are their friends that they enjoyed time with. Parents smile with tears in their eyes. These are the children they raised.

I remember how once I was part of the audience staring in awe at these fascinating, stunning, unbelievable contestants and dreaming what it would be like to win. I was thinking what it would be like to receive that medal and certificate and feel good.  Later though, I realized that it’s much more than that. All the contestants are extremely  honored to be able to represent this outstanding school at such an event. Indeed this is the most spectacular contest that you’ll ever attend.

-Souhayla Farag 7B


Math Behind the Ferris Wheel

The next time you decide to drive out to the Amusement Park, make sure you pay the Ferris Wheel a visit. This entertaining ride will make you ponder about how such a colossal moving structure was built. You will realize that the Ferris wheel is much more complex than it seems to be. We, the FST Class, explored, analyzed, and identified the complex mathematical procedures required to build a model of Ferris wheel, calculated the height of the seats within the model aswell as applied the concept of unit circle trigonometry by making a periodic situation. The team, consisting of Judy El-hassan, Abdul Hannan, Mina Samy, Hayoung Lee, Nour Tareq, and I, collaboratively worked and carefully initialized the construction of our Ferris Wheel. In order to make 12 equidistant spokes, we needed a consistent rule to follow. Therefore, we idealized the unit circle and transformed the intervals in terms of pi and marked them on the cardboard carefully. We repeated this for all the 12 spokes to ensure that our Ferris Wheel was error-free. We also remeasured the distance to ensure it was identical.

It takes vital practice, thought, and application to build a perfectly round structure able to withstand constant circular motion and weight of amusement park riders. Behind every structural component in the Ferris wheel is a purpose, and that is what we aimed to portray whilst building our model. We can now safely say that we have successfully constructed a realistic model for the Ferris Wheel and have completely understood the different mathematical applications performed to build such a wonder. Applying mathematics into forms of amusement has never been more intriguing.

 Written by: Mazin Eisa

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)