DAS Speech Contest Winners

When the Leopards Speak, They Roar

Suddenly, everything went quite. I could see faces of excitement and joy, I could see bliss shining through, I could see happiness in its purest form. Yet, it was as if the whole world had been set to mute. I bounced out of my chair and darted towards the stage, grinning from ear to ear. They had just announced my name as the 3rd place winner, and it was my time to claim the prize. Standing on that stage and looking around at all the excitement that upheld the room, with my classmates and teachers out of their seats clapping, I began to wonder how it was all worth it. The hard work, the stress, the practicing, the memorization, they all melted away as I took one glance at my certificate, and almost instantly I knew, I could never be happier. But the thrill hadn’t ended just yet, for as I descended from the stage, they announced the 2nd place winner, another leopard, Noor Hazem! Several went around telling us how we’ve made the leopards proud, but truth be told, we were the ones who were proud to represent our first home. So to Nada Ibrahim, Bana Salim, Imy Shenouda, Yara Khalil, and Noor Hazem, thank you guys for making this day, one of the greatest days of my existence. With their powerful delivery of speeches, I couldn’t help but shiver. And yet again with their help, the leopards have soared so high. For as long as the leopards shall live, they will conquer, master, prosper. “Congratulations on winning!” they said, to which I smiled and replied: “we are all winners today.”

-Noor Ra’fat (3rd Place Winner)