Leopards in Thailand

It is Dreams, not Distance, That Define How Far We Explore

A group of students from ISG-Dammam set off on a trip miles away from home, not knowing that they were about to undergo one of the greatest experiences of their lives; Thailand. While other students on different trips were taken to 5 star hotels and fancy, expensive restaurants, us, the Thai-Leopards, have seen it all. Scratches, bruises, bites, cuts, sickness, tears of fear, and most importantly, tears of hope.  Quotes such as “pushing through our limits” and “leaving our comfort zones” fail to describe how far we’ve gotten.

We battled raw nature face-to-face. Walking deep into the forest for hours, we saw different aspects of the wild life. Animals, plants, trees, fish, insects, you name it! We even did things such as crawling, swimming, and sliding into caves of different sizes and shapes. Each cave had a distinguishable aspect. Wet, slippery caves, caves that have long died, caves with bats, caves with rivers flowing in them. A cave that was so narrow, it triggered phobias inside some of us. Some of bursting in tears, others itching with curiosity. We were taught how to care for one another and how to help each other to overcome all obstacles, literally climbing mountains. We left nothing behind. Kayaking, Crazy Horse rock climbing, trekking, zip-lining, even riding elephants and pickup trucks!  Everything about it was as perfect as a mural in a museum.

When I was in Thailand, I learned so many great things. I learned that not all people are fortunate enough to have a sidewalk to walk on, or a wall to protect them. I learned how much of a pleasure it is to help others. I learned about different cultures, traditions, and morals. But most importantly, I only just discovered the value of the word “thank you”. On our way back from that beautiful place, the only thing my mind kept wondering was how much I was going to miss this green paradise once I’m back in Saudi.

-Mihad Abdulrahman

Edited and Reviewed by Noor Ra’fat (Layout Editor)